Masks And Face Covers A Necessity

Posted by Paolo on 11th Aug 2020

Masks And Face Covers A Necessity

As we all know, masks and face coverings have been mandated in Victoria (Australia) and many other parts of world. Both internationally and Australia-wide, masks are known to give protection to ourselves and our loved ones from this fast-spreading virus and also from polluted air and air pollens. In Victoria, people under the age of twelve do not need to wear masks. At Rose St Apparel, we know that many of you still want to take an extra precaution and ensure that your kids are safe. That’s why we are now stocking Kids Face Masks, specifically designed for kids.

Long back masks were not a necessity as we were living in a different world but now things have changed since 2020 where the impacts of virus has made social distancing the best practise and wearing a mask makes us more safe and easy for countries to eliminate the virus. We want to offer the best quality masks and in various qualities and colours. We have fabric masks and disposable masks for sale at very competitive prices. The fabric masks come with free shipping throughout Australia and we accept all mode of payment through our secured checkout from Rosestspa website.

Our Kids Face Masks come in a variety of fun and different colours, including Mint Green, Lemonade Yellow, Pink, Light Blue and Pastel Purple. Like our adult masks, the Kids Face Masks are soft, comfortable and easy to wear and wash.

The adult’s masks are also in very good colours like grey, navy and black so you can never run out of style. Navy blue fabric mask have been popular for brighter days but the black is our best seller so far due to its popularity among all age groups. The kids masks can also fit adults with small faces but when we tried them on kids below 6 years it was slightly loose and hence we recommend the kids masks for age groups above 7 and check the dimensions before making a purchase as there is no returns on these items due to personal hygiene.

We would encourage people to wear masks whenever out from homes and even if going to fill the petrol or for going for a morning walk. We understand wearing masks can be uncomfortable for very long hours specially for people working in supermarket and hence we recommend our fabric masks which are more comfortable due to better breathability and recommend washing it every day with warm soapy water and line dry for best performance and longer lasting life.