Nursing Scrubs

The Top-Quality Nursing Scrubs for Women & Men

Scrubs are specifically designed for medical professional as hygiene is the utmost requirement in their profession. Scrubs are not just a clothing to cover the body but scrubs are the utility wear that is made to comfort over long working hours and to protect the wearer from dangerous spills and bodily fluids. Since the professional are more often exposed to inordinate amount of contaminated substances which can transmit disease to them and Scrubs are so sanitary, well cleaned that they keep the professional skin protected from the harmful substances. Scrubs are made to provide an ease at the workplace and to perform the job without any constraints. Additionally scrubs are easy to clean and protect your regular clothing from getting damaged. Scrub also minimizing the chances of infection both in the patients and professional. The purpose of scrubs is to improve workplace performance and professional identification.

Benefits of Nursing Scrubs

Below are some of the significant benefits of wearing Nursing Scrubs

  • Create a Sterile healthcare environment.
  • Easy identification of medical professional.
  • Important for personal safety reasons.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Gives professional a modern and up-to-date appearance.
  • Patient confidence as it makes them feel comfortable too.
  • Protection against cross contamination.
  • Flexibility as it’s easy to wear and remove.
  • Laundry as easy to wash.
  • Extra Pockets for extra comfort.

How to Choose the Right Nursing Scrub?

Here are some key points to remember for perfect selection of Nursing Scrub:

Easy to maintain: As the same is to be worn every day it should be easy to wash and quick dry one.

Comfort measure: The professional will have to wear the scrub throughout the shift so it is essential to choose the scrub keeping the comfort factor aloft. Properly fitted scrubs are miracles of workplace comfort.

Material Selection: While choosing the scrub ensure that material is soft and comfortable on the skin.

Fit well: Ensure the scrub fits the professional perfectly as anything too tight or baggy can affect their working.

Style and Color: Feel good factor is associated with one’s uniform. Professional can select the different necklines and lengths for the style factor.

Convenience: Scrub should be easy to wear and manage.

Crease resistance: Crease resistance and should be durable with anti-wrinkle, fading and, shrinking features.

Moisture wicking: The scrub is too carried out by the profession throughout the shift so it becomes important to select the material with moisture wicking feature.

Additional pockets: The professional can opt for ones with chest and side pockets.

Rose St Spa Nursing Scrubs

Attire matters, especially for practical reasons and Scrub is the attire worn by the professional for hygiene and identification. We the Rose St Spa care for the need of the professional at their workplace. We are the leading supplier in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane and other areas in Australia.

Why Rose St Spa's Nursing Scrubs

  • Collection of size options and here we offer sizes (XXs, Xs, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL).
  • Premium fabric composition for comfort (96% Polyester + 4% Elastane).
  • Skin friendly and can be carried for long working hours.
  • Climate friendly as it’s suitable for warmer climates.
  • Wide range of vibrant color availability.
  • Trendy Scrub to give a trendy professional look.
  • High quality scrub yet affordable.
  • Plenty of pocket’s store as an exclusive feature.
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