Nursing Scrubs Sydney

Whether you are enrolled in a nursing school or a practicing residential nurse, clean and tidy nursing scrubs are essential. However, today it is not only important to keep your scrubs clean for appearance but it is also vital for your safety. Disinfecting your nursing scrubs is important as you move ahead with your next shift. By following these simple steps to look after your nursing scrubs, you will have clean and tidy nursing scrubs.

Pre-Treat Your Nursing Scrubs

Before wearing your nursing scrubs for the first time, wash them separately in cold water and also add a half cup of vinegar to set the color off from the scrubs and this will also prevent them from fading. This step will further help you in preserving the appearance and extending the life of the scrubs as disinfection can be a harsh process that fades the color if not pre-treated.

Save the Scrubs for Work

Well, you cannot deny the fact that it is very important to keep your scrubs clean and tidy in order to be appropriate and safe for work alone. Therefore, you should reserve your scrubs until your work is done. To avoid contamination you should change your scrubs until you reach your home. You should keep your nursing scrubs safe in an air-tight bag before you wear them for work the next day. As soon as you reach home, the first thing that you are supposed to do is to change your scrub. It will also lengthen the shelf life of your scrubs by preventing them from more wear and tear.

Give Your Scrubs the VIP Treatment

When it’s time to wash your nursing scrubs, don’t just treat them like any other garment in your wardrobe. This is because scrubs need more disinfecting when compared to your normal T-shirt or jeans, and be careful and extra vigilant so that you don’t mix up your scrubs with your other laundry. This is simply because it’s a good habit to wear fresh scrubs together. In case there are any visible stains on your scrubs, it is advisable to treat them with color-safe stain remover before washing.

Sun Dry Your Scrubs

Bright sunlight is the ultimate killer of all types of bacteria and viruses. If you live in a sunny place, you can take the benefit of the sunlight and try to dry all your scrubs under the light of the sun. You can also opt for flat dry scrubs on white sheets so that you don’t have to iron them later. It is advisable that you should avoid throwing your scrubs into the dryer unless you don’t have any choice. Just in case you happen to throw your scrubs in the dryer, use the lowest possible heat setting to ensure that your scrubs don’t shrink. Good quality scrubs will not easily shrink after the first two washes.

Invest in a Good Mild Anti-Bacterial Detergent

It is advisable that you should invest your money in a good mild antibacterial detergent when you decide to wash your scrubs. Since the majority of the scrubs are of the wash and wear type, you can just soak them in cold water by adding a few drops of white vinegar and mild detergent. You need to be extra careful and you should not add liquid fabric softener to your scrubs.
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