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A Lab coat plays a pivotal role in laboratories. A lab coat is your first line of defense, it is essential that the professional wear the lab coat for the task they intend to carry out at their workplace. A lab coat not only gives a professional look but also they protect against chemical splashes and spillages. A lab coat is easy to wear and comfortable for long working hours. Lab coats are the unsung warrior of laboratory safety equipment. Without them, just about every part of the lab would be affected, from cross contamination to injuries to staff. Lab coats allows professional to perform their task smoothly. Say goodbye to boring, boxy and scratchy lab coats and HELLO to our beautiful range of lab coats. Rose St Spa is the one-stop destination for your needs. We are the leading supplier in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Gold Cost, Adelaide, Brisbane and other areas in Australia.

5 Reasons Why Lab Coats:

It is a barrier that keeps you from being exposed to accidents in the lab and in some cases might save you from injury or even save your life

  • Ultimate Protection: Working with harmful substances in laboratories can make your daily wears contaminated from dust and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to wear a lab coat to protect your clothes from non-obvious contamination present in laboratories.
  • Cross-contamination prevention: Lab coats help prevent and reduce cross-contamination in different areas such as houses, public places, etc.
  • Fast removable cloth: During the conditions of fire or emergency spills, the lab coats are very advantageous. They can be easily removed by pulling off in just a few seconds to overcome the accident.
  • Creates safer workplace: It is a type of elastic cuff that is up-sleeved, which helps your arms from particular potential hazardous type splashes.
  • Professionalism: A good clean lab cot indicates professionalism and distinguishes a individual as a specialist in their field

Add-on of Lab coats:

It is considered as an iconic symbol which represents a sense of comfort to professionals. Here we have a list of usefulness:

  • It keeps you comfortable during even the longest and busiest shifts
  • Confidence and Proficiency
  • Wearing a lab coat actually make you better at your job, people associate the clothing with care and attentiveness
  • Lab coat creates an aura of seriousness and competence that speak on behalf of your work
  • A sterile lab coat provides considerable assurance to the one wearing it and acts as a shield from bacteria and pathogens.

Rose St Spa – Experience The Difference For Yourself

We strive to provide the best selection of the Lab coats at the prices that can’t beat. Rose St Spa prides our self with providing high quality lab coats to professionals around the Australia. Rose St Spa ensures you to find the best lab coat that fit you need. Rose St Spa lab coats are simply exceptional, with durable performance fabric for all day comfort and keeping you cooler in high pressure situation.

Rose St Spa is the one-stop destination for your needs. We have below criteria for the perfect selection that fits your personality:

  • Various sizes available - XS, S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL, and 5XL.
  • Comfortable fabric composed with blend of cotton and polyester. Easy to wash regularly
  • Color availability: White
  • Tailored for comfort and style with use of fabric which comforts with stretch ability
  • Perfect notched collar whose length is ¾ and a chest pocket with a pen line
  • Designed with additional two pockets at the hip and chest to keep your essentials items such as mobile phones, wallets, and keys.

Points to Consider:

In order to determine the right selection of lab coat there are key to consider

  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Special Features like design
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