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Rose St Project was conceived in a charming Rose Street, Armadale café.

Rose St Spa is a collaboration between Jeannette Hose and Ben Kaminsky; both with years of experience, in all aspects of the fashion and uniform apparel business. More than just business collaboration, it is their common passion for design and textiles.

Jeannette’s designs in Corporate Apparel are currently being worn by some of Australia’s largest organizations. Her innate sense of how to weave fashion into a corporate uniform changes the garment from a “uniform”, to a beautiful piece staff are happy and indeed proud to wear.

Ben is always on the lookout for new and innovative fabrics.

Conscious of the need to be ethical, fair, and respectful of countries with which we do business. To have empathy in all business dealings to help bring balance and good outcome for all. A culmination, of an honest inspirational discussion on the needs of the Spa, Wellness, Beauty and Hospitality industries. The outcome, being affordable finely designed apparel, with impeccable fit that is comfortable to wear.