Find the Best Beauty Spa Uniforms in Australia

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 19th Oct 2019

Find the Best Beauty Spa Uniforms in Australia


Rose street spa and beauty apparel makes the best beauty spa uniforms in Australia which are made with the best fabric and as per Australian fittings for womenswear. All the details of the raw materials and fit measurements for a particular styling can be found on our webpages.

By mentioning them as beauty uniforms we mean these uniforms are suitable for the beauty, spa, hair related industries but not limited as the styling of the uniforms goes very well for front desk reception and even back office work. So why not try them first and then decide as we always help providing samples for bigger orders so there is a sense of approval for the garment quality. We continue to add more beauty uniforms to our range in various styles and fabric in the future, so don’t forget to visit us later in future if we don’t have something you are after for currently.

Also to add on each of the beauty spa uniforms we can add custom embroidery as per your requirements and pick them up from basic pdf or jpeg files in required colors.

The beauty uniforms have advantage over basic uniforms as the fabric is selected to be suitable for more breathability, comfort and better end use for all our Beauty uniforms product. In some of the beauty uniforms cotton rich plays a very important role in terms of breathability and in some instances a natural look is desired for natural/organic day spas as then we have the hemp made beauty uniforms in two popular colours, Wheat and Cinnamon.

Sometimes we even add technical finishes which are selected specially for the beauty industries like the water repellant Teflon finish which makes the product to be better suitable where it gets in touch wit water related chemicals. At this instance we offer this finish on our apron and also on one of the spa wrap tunic which is in available in 3 colours, for businesses with such requirement this is very well recommended as this increases the life of te garments as the water/chemicals break down the fabric faster but with the Teflon finish it creates a protective layer on top.

We have reached far in quality management of the beauty uniforms as when ever we get customer complaints we treat that as a possible change to be added to the next production and take that as a feedback. Also our regular customers have this sense of understanding as well as we continue to maintain relationship by supplying beauty uniforms to regular orders with same approach as the first order. All items are stored locally in Melbourne, so we match most of the shipments in 4-5 business days, as we just use Australia post for all dispatches.