Benefits of Fabric Masks

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 17th Aug 2020

Benefits of Fabric Masks

Fabric masks or face covers offer versatility as they can be washed over and over again to atleast 30-40 times to be reused. Fabric masks are considered to be good enough to offer basic protection from the current environments, though it is not a medical mask. This fabric mask is considered to be more effective if they have more layers and anything with 3 layers and above is considered good enough as per the WHO guidelines. Masks are considered to prevent and control measures that can limit the spread of viral diseases.

Wearing mask is one factor but other key points of controlling the spread of virus or any air borne disease is to maintain personal hygiene like- hand hygiene, physical social distancing and following the government rules based on where you are residing

Currently as per WHO the fabric masks are recommended as an alternate of surgical masks while as surgical masks are mandatory for health professionals and the fabric masks don’t fall under the criteria for medical purpose. Hence we recommended checking other masks like the disposable and KN95 which we have on sale as well under the protective masks category.

Our fabric mask is made from three layer spacer fabric and more the amount of layers more is the filtration capacity. Also we keep this layering to three layers so as breathability is not sacrificed. Another key feature for our mask is the shape of the mask as it covers the whole area of the mouth so as there is no penetration from the sides of the mask which in turn make it more effective. The polyester spandex fabric which is used for our fabric mask is stretchable and can take shape of the face so as its sturdy and can retain shape after taking out.

We recommend washing this mask in warm soapy water and line dry for maximum no of uses and life. Since we have the fabric masks in various colours, you can never run out of matching options and also the smaller size kids masks in variety of cute colours is available.

The fabric masks are available in Navy, Grey and Black colours through our website and we ship for free Australia wide. We also do bulk volumes and can provide competitive prices for bulk orders. Apart from the fabric masks we have other masks in stock as well like the disposable and KN95 masks in pack of 50’s.