Why It Is Necessary To Wash And Disinfect The Medical Scrubs?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 15th Jun 2021

Why It Is Necessary To Wash And Disinfect The Medical Scrubs?

The medical world is known to be intense and exhausting. Therefore it becomes tough to take care of public health. It has been estimated that the entire task related to the healthcare industry is equally important to take care of health. But, in the medical industry, it is considered that people’s and professional scrubs are equally tough to handle. Medical scrubs offer protection and safety to nurse, lab technicians, and all the professionals who are related to hospitals in some or another way. Therefore it is needed that the scrubs remain in top-notch condition. Here is the guide that would help in washing and disinfecting the scrubs properly:


Always try to wash the scrub in cold water. However, it would be quite surprising for most people. Generally, it has been suggested to wash the uniform in hot water so that the uniform gets completely disinfected. But the best way to wash the healthcare or nursing scrub in Australia is to wash it in cold water on the inside and out turns in cold water and immediately allowed to get dried out in the sunlight. With the use of this recommended washing method, the fabric of the uniform gets protect from wear and tear. In case the scrub gets damaged then the healthcare worker is suggested to change the uniform leaving behind the current set unused.

Moreover, hot water makes the uniform get stained easily. Make use of the tumbler with the lowest setting so that the scrub gets dried for a longer time. Never leave the uniform wet and never wear the slightly damp scrub. It is recommended to wash the scrub on daily basis after washing and passing it through dry clean. Every worker needs to have a spare set of scrub to tackle the scenario when the scrub gets damaged, getting ready for work, or they have forgotten to wash the uniforms. To overcome the entire problem by keeping a set of scrubs for every day of the week's work.


What to do when one's scrubs get dirty due to vast exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other chemicals? The contaminant can be of any type like patients' fluid, laboratory chemical, hard to remove stains, and many other messes that can get spilled in the uniform. Howsoever, it is important to wash the uniform immediately to put an end to the spreading of viruses and bacteria. The addition of white vinegar with water is used as an ordinary washing cycle. This washing cycle helps soften the fabric and neutralize the action of contaminants. In case a professional has to make use of a white pharmacy uniform in Australia the best way to disinfecting is to add bleach or add pine oil in the washing cycle. Pine oil acts as a natural disinfectant. The only precaution that one needs to take while disinfecting is to wear gloves while handling the scrub.

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