Why Is Wearing And Washing Of The Lab Coat Important?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 30th Jun 2021

Why Is Wearing And Washing Of The Lab Coat Important?

Most of the people work somewhere or another and are encouraged to wear a uniform. Nurses wear scrubs, dentists wear a bib, and lab worker wears their lab coats. So everyone would be eager to know what’s the reason behind the introduction of uniform in the healthcare industry especially lab coats in Australia.

Display Trendy Setting:

This is something with most of the wearers are not aware of. Few of the non-wearer of medical scrub in Australia says that they do not have one even it is nowadays considered as a big style statement in every profession. Not all the uniform needs to have something to protect the neck or ears from the sun damage. Howsoever, few of the lab coats are considered to be quite poor in quality as it allows the culture of infection.

Offer Protection:

The primary function of the lab coat is to keep the wearer clean and tidy. Some of the lab coat wearers have to make use of chemicals that cannot be protected by a single layer of cotton. Howsoever, the damage can be quite less so it can be easily removed and replaced. When there is huge exposure to chemicals or water, then a suitable apron can be used for the day. Sometimes, this protection can even go against something that one executes. The lab coat can easily get damaged with the spilling of acid, bleach, and stains, so it is better to be careful while working in the laboratory. Moreover, the lab coat protects the shared environment. Everyone could get too surprised to know that what is living in the lab coat after a long day schedule. But it is even assumed that the microbiome is not a big factor.

Next Comes The Dirt Bit:

To be protected while experimenting, lab technicians need to put on the lab coat when-so-ever he/she get inside the lab. Lab coats are considered the most suitable option to get rid of all fungi and bacteria. This infectious agent can get attached to the clothes when one touches the pocket of the uniform to take out the necessary equipment required for execution. This infection can spread from doctors and nurses to the patients so it is needed to prevent the infection.

Cleanliness Is Next In Priority:

This is the wonderful thing that is required in any hospitality business and healthcare industry. Cleaning is the basic requirement for healthcare professionals to keep themselves and their patients safe from any sort of infection. Howsoever, the simple washing technique to make use of detergent and hot water is going to be considered as an easy and safest option for cleaning the commonly used lab coats. If this uniform is allowed to hang for a long time without washing and is reused again and again then for sure it is at risk of fungus and bacteria which are the source of infection.

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