Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 26th Feb 2021

Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

Does anyone remember those days when white nursing uniforms with spiffy caps were in demand in every hospital? Well, now those days have gone. And now is the trend of medical or pharmacy scrubs that are majorly accepted by the majority of hospitals all across the world. Now the question arises that why medical scrubs are used in daily life. These scrubs create a sterile healthcare environment and even allow easier identification of medical professionals. It helps in accomplishing personal safety reasons and even is cost-effective. This is the updated version of appearance with a modern professional look. Let’s look at the reason why scrubs are used in the medical profession?

Maintains Sanitary:

Nurses and doctors need to take care of patients who are susceptible to infection and are exposed to the contamination that could easily transmit diseases in no time. But, the use of medical scrubs can get rid of this problem because the scrub is crafted with high-quality fabrics that are specifically designed with antimicrobial properties that tend to inhibit the spread of bacterial germs. Majority of the hospital instead of washing the uniform in the washing machine, they prefer using a powerful cleaning chemical that works effectively in a combination of high temperature to disinfect the scrubs to ensure that all the stain and contaminated substances are removed. Howsoever, it is the harsh process of cleaning clothes so only it cannot be applied on daily used clothes. This instruction is offered so that one could not damage his/her entire clothes after few washes.

Easy to Identify:

Different colored scrubs are applicable for different hospitals and its department which makes the feature of identification easier. Pharmacy scrub is helpful to discover the appointed nurses and doctors of the hospital. With the use of scrub, professionals feel organized, professional,and streamlined to reassure the patients. There is no specific uniform for nurses but it completely depends upon the working space. Sometimes, nurses are found in solid color nursing scrubs or fun printed scrubs to gain trendy appearance.

Highly Protective:

Pharmacy scrubs are strong and durable that makes them the ideal choice for nursing uniforms. This uniform provokes increment in terms of personal safety. Scrubs need to be sanitized and well cleaned which would protect the wearer's skin from harmful substances. So, nothing is to worry about if one spends his/her maximum time in the lab or hospitals. A scrub is sure to protect and cover the exposed area that could get affected.


Scrubs are considered to be cheaper in comparison to regular clothing and even last longer. But, if regular clothes are used, then in such case the clothes get ruined quickly and one needs to replace it in a short period. Scrubs are crafted with fabric that can withstand the harshness of the healthcare field. Therefore, scrubs are considered as the essential component in the medical world. In addition to being comfortable, these are also cost-effective. So, why wait? Get your hands on a nursing scrub right away.