Why Choose the Reusable Face Mask?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 4th Apr 2021

Why Choose the Reusable Face Mask?

One of the critical components of the PPE kit is the reusable face mask in Melbourne that has been designed as per the standard of the KN95 face mask. This particular means blockage of less than 95% of all matter present in the air larger than 2µm in size. This face mask is inexpensive and integrated with the replaceable filters and the cost is worthier.

The Reusable Face Mask is known to Last Longer:

The long length of service of reusable face masks makes use of a similar sort of filter material that is the same as the disposable mask that opts to be the result of design. The plastic filter shield is securely attached to the silicone face mask. The integration of face mask and filter shield could last up to more than 2 years. The plastic filter shield is covered with the actual filter cartridge. These masks are highly adjustable and therefore hand can be responsible to transfer the pathogen from the surface which touches the nose, mouth, or face. So it is advised to constantly wash the hand without touching the faces. Each time our hand is used for adjusting the mask, it is sure to get contaminated.

Therefore, the disposable mask can become dirty which is liable to get contaminated at any moment. This does not obstruct airflow by directly or indirectly touching the filter. Howsoever, the filter needs to be replaced within seven or ten days in the normal environment but in a high-risk environment, it needs to be replaced within three to five days. To clean the mask one need to wipe it with hot water or alcohol.

Need to Save Money with the Use of Reusable Mask:

It’s needed to compare the reusable facemask in replacement of typical disposable face masks. In normal condition, one should change the disposable mask twice a day. Face mask with a single filter that is used for 10 days and is even available with nominal charges. A reusable mask with a single filter is equivalent to up to 20 disposable masks. The reusable face mask is available with five filters which is equivalent to 70 -100 reusable masks and is found to be quite economical.

Advantage of Selecting the Reusable Face Mask:

  • The reusable face mask in Melbourne needs to be integrated with several benefits such as:
  • One can breathe comfortably with complete protection
  • It helps in minimizing the cross-contamination along with the plastic filter shield
  • Fitting need to be proper on the face with a silicone construction
  • Adjusted for comfort benefitted with one-time fitting
  • Environmental friendly due to reusability
  • Personalized individual mask
  • This mask is easy and comfortable to wear

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