What Do the Different Color of Scrubs Mean?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 21st Feb 2021

What Do the Different Color of Scrubs Mean?

In pharmacy scrubs, we generally see colour coding. The answer is quite simple! Color can easily differentiate between the professional and department available in the hospital. It makes the identification of the professional easier within the premises of the large hospital. It is considered to be an easier way to get noticed by patients and visitors because it becomes time-consuming to have a glance at the tag of the employee and recognize to which department he/she belongs. There is no wonder that there are many colors option available for a scrub of different departments. Sometimes, it is observed that psychologically certain colors elicit certain emotions in peoples. Whatever is the case medical scrubs' color selection should not be taken lightly? Let’s discuss different color options that are used for medical scrubs.


This is the main color in the field of medicine. This color is considered the first choice to wear for any medical professional such as physician, nurse, and surgeon. White represents cleanliness and purity but with time this fashion went off because practitioners considered that white color cause lots of issues. Regarding patients, white scrub opts to be a major cause of headache, eye strain, and visual fatigue. Moreover, concerning doctors and nurses, this color is considered as the difficult option to rid of blood strain. Even if the stuff is sanitized with bleach, then for sure the stain does not go off and changes into brown or green and finally result in throwing it off. So, one needs to think twice before selecting white pharmacy scrubs.


Blue is another important and common color that is generally prescribed for medical scrubs. This is a wonderful color that makes people feel relaxed, calm, low blood pressure, and eases anxiety. Blue colored scrub helps the surgeon to concentrate on their task to offset the bright color of the blood. This is a strong color that gains the trust of the patient while surgery.


Brown is not considered a popular scrub choice because it opts to activate the bodily function. This is a warm, earthly, and non-threatening color and therefore is generally considered as the USB for military professionals. Brown is even associated with stability and trust. It is the color of chocolate that is assumed as the most loved treat for every person having working taste buds.


Grey is a neutral color that is associated with depression. As per the researchers, it has been estimated that depressed people see the world in grey shade. Therefore, people tend to feel sad when its cloudy outside and happier on a sunny day. So, it is considered as the rarely used color for a scrub so that there is no risk of evoking sadness in patients.

Thus, what is the best color for your scrub? Generally, hospital provides their medical scrub color or it comes down to personal preference. Blue and green opt to be the great choice whereas pink and purple are considered to suit people well. But, colors that maintain the decorum of cleanliness, personal taste, and comfort in mind make it the right choice.