Tryout Different Styles of Café Aprons in Australia

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 23rd Jul 2020

Tryout Different Styles of Café Aprons in Australia

In the restaurant business, the protection of clothing is necessary. Café aprons are the best option to provide your restaurant or café employee with professional appearance. These aprons are highly potential in protecting the clothes from damage caused due to spill and stains. Choosing the best-suited apron for your business completely depends upon its usage and the area of performance is decided with the length, coverage, and materials used.

Different types of café aprons

Waist apron: This is a form of server apron that does not provide upper body coverage. The short length provides maximum comfort while walking during the working hours. Moreover, pockets are integrated with the uniform to help out the staffs in carrying off the pen, guest checks, and straws that needs to stay closer to the hands. Such waist aprons styled uniforms are even available in the collection of denim aprons. This apron is best suitable for the head waitresses or waiters. It is highly recommended to machine wash in cold water as it helps in the reduction of fading and bleeding.

Bib Aprons: This is one of the traditional–styled apron that can be easily tied around the waist and has a loosen neck loop. In the contemporary market, their vivid styled bib apron available. One of the most common style is the full coverage bib apron that is featured with pockets that allow the staff to carry with themselves order pads, guest check, or other kitchenware while working. It is a perfect match for the kitchen staff as it is provided with a space for the user to wipe their hands and the entire body coverage help to remain away from spill and backsplash. Similar to waist apron, it can be washed in the machine with cold water and minimal heating for drying bring help in fading of colour.

Bistro Aprons: These café aprons are not applicable for those who desire to go for upper body coverage. This is even available in the form of denim aprons but is longer and provides protection to the pants. This apron is crafted with a pocket that helps in carrying the essentials like pens, guest checks, and straw without any stress. Its longer length prevents the pant from getting stained while clearing up the mess like wiping of tables, etc. Before using, it is suggested to first wash it in cold water to avoid the bleeding and fading of colour.

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