Quality Check Before Purchase of Reusable Face Mask

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 27th Aug 2020

Quality Check Before Purchase of Reusable Face Mask

Face covering has turned up as an essential thing for survival during the phase of COVID-19. Millions of Australian companies have contributed to this fight with the manufacturing of the reusable face mask. We will be focusing on the five major things that one needs to look into before purchasing the reusable face mask in Australia.

Search For A Mask That Is Triple-Layered:

Reusable fabric face mask needs to be of good quality and need to be purchased from a reputed source. This mask is considered perfect if it available in three layers of fabric and this fabric should be washable and fit properly to cover the nose and mouth. To fight back the pandemic situation, purchase of surgical and cloth mask has come into demand. Therefore, N95 and P2 masks are becoming easily available in shops and online.

Do Not Believe In The Theory Of Microwaves:

Everyone must have come across a theory of putting the mask in the microwave along with water for sterilization. But, it is totally unhealthy and even dangerous to do, as it is liable to catch fire and might result in hazardous situation. The best way to kill germs or viruses is to wash regularly by using detergent and water and later allow it to dry. Reusing it only after it is completely dried is perfect. Take hot water for hand wash or machine wash to gain an appropriate result.

Follow The Rule Of Single-Time Use:

Reusing single useable surgical mask is not a good option. In case one wears it for a longer hour then the effect of the mask is gone and the mask appears wet and damp that can easily attract germs. So, it needs to be removed after use if it has become damp. One needs to be careful while removing this type of mask. It is recommended to not touch the front of the mask, it may have got contaminated by the virus and it should be first of all disinfected with the spray of Glen 20. After drying it out for a longer hour it can be put on for further use.

Time To Get Rid Of Dampness:

A damp mask is never a good option either in case of a single-use or reusable face mask. Damp mask loses its effectiveness as it gets contaminated or dirty. To get a virus or germ-free mask, it is recommended for the washing of a reusable face mask at regular intervals. Allow it to dry in direct sunlight or set heating levels on the dryer to overcome the problem of dampness.

Choice from Protective Mask Collection of RoseSTSpa:

Rosestspa introduces the collection of comfy masks that will make you feel safer. There are four different variations of face mask available that are functional and fashionable too. The Rosestspa reusable face mask is super comfortable and is tailored with 100% natural fabric that is elastic-free and ethical. The face mask usage in Australia is gradually gaining momentum and turning out to be the most sustainable mask yet.