Medical Scrubs: How To Clean And Sanitize

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 19th May 2022

Medical Scrubs: How To Clean And Sanitize

The medical field is well-known for its intense & continuous working environment. It is quite difficult to meet the public's expectations, every staff of healthcare is responsible to fulfil their patients' needs & requirements.

Nurses, doctors, lab techs, and everyone else who works in the medical industry must wear medical scrubs Australia for their protection. As a result, your scrubs must be in tip-top shape.

But let’s take a moment here, after doing all this hard work, do scrubs get dirty, if yes then how to clean them? Here's a step-by-step approach to cleaning and sanitizing your scrubs.

  • Washing

Use cold water to clean your scrubs. Washing scrubs in hot water is common among healthcare personnel who believe it disinfects the garments. When washing scrubs, it is better to flip them inside out, wash them in cold water, and promptly dry them. By doing this the cloth will keep protected from fading neither a single tear will happen.

Use the lowest heat setting on your clothes dryer to dry your scrubs Melbourne quickly. Don't let them sit in the water for too long. Also, if your scrubs are even slightly moist, avoid wearing them.

Do not reuse your scrubs until they have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Atleast, you should keep a second pair of scrubs on hand in case of damage or, more realistically, if you forget to wash your uniform before heading to work. It's not uncommon for some folks to wear scrubs every day of the week.

  • Disinfecting

If your scrubs get contaminated, such as by patient fluids, laboratory chemicals or hard-to-remove food stains or other filth, how do you clean them? Scrubs should be washed as soon as possible to avoid the transmission of germs and viruses from the source of the mess.

The first step is adding white vinegar to the water during a normal wash cycle. Using bleach to disinfect is a cinch if you have access to white scrubs Melbourne. If not, run the wash with a few drops of pine oil added, and pine oil has a disinfectant effect by nature. Handle infected scrubs with gloves.

  • Maintenance Daily

There are a few things you should know about protecting your scrubs. Try your best to not eat in your scrubs. Those who deal with patients daily should either use a napkin or remove their scrubs before eating meals.

Also, if required, wear extra safety measures. Wear gloves and other protective clothing if you are handling patient fluids, cleaning up after a patient, or otherwise risking contamination.

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