Make Modern Spa Uniforms A Part Of Your Café Attire

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 8th Aug 2020

Make Modern Spa Uniforms A Part Of Your Café Attire

With the pandemic slowly becoming a part of the lives of people. The people are taking all the necessary precautions and trying to get back to routine. Along with shops and offices, even small cafes and restaurants are resuming their business activities. A lot of care is required while operating a cafe and restaurant, it is advisable to bring certain changes in the hairdresser uniforms of the staff as well. This will not only help infrequently washing but also avoid wear and tear of the modern spa uniforms.

The popularity of the spa uniforms as a fabric for workwear has grown significantly across different industries. Along with being trendy, it is also stylish and durable. So, what is it that makes modern spa uniforms such a great piece of clothing for the spas? Below mentioned are the top reasons for this.

  • Tougher than the rest

Modern spa uniforms have been created as a fabric for the workers who require a long-lasting fabric that could withstand the rough conditions in the day-to-day tasks. Their extra-strong twist in the cotton yarn is what makes these so strong. The slight natural stretch of the yarns is what allows the fabric to be molded into the shape with regular wear and tear.

  • Chic looking work wear

Hairdresser uniforms are a hit among the spa owners as these appear chic and are suitable to wear all through the day. Available in a wide array of colors and fabrics, these modern spa uniforms are truly a style statement for spa employees.

  • Your Branding canvas

The quality fabric used in the hairdresser uniforms makes it an ideal fabric for screen printing, embroidery, and all forms of customization. One can add accessories or pin-on badges or patches for a vintage, fun, vibe, or have the company logo embroidered across the front or the back. The durability of these hairdresser uniforms is capable of withstanding the heavy stitching and textured fabric, such as a canvas, help the brand colors to shine out.

Modern Spa Uniforms by Rose ST Spa

Rose ST Spa strives to offer the best possible value for money in the uniforms that it provides. Our hairdresser uniform collection is nothing less than a style standard for your uniform needs. The modern spa uniforms are provided by us are heavy. The uniforms made from denim are also functional & comfortable for the modern workforce. Try out our denim collection for a new and fresh look for your cafe apron.