Is Face Mask Going To Change The Spa Industry?

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 17th Oct 2020

Is Face Mask Going To Change The Spa Industry?

The pandemic situation has been created throughout the world and has caused a change in the life of people and has even impacted the life of the spa and wellness industry. Everyone one can assume that the spa and beauty industry demand will increase consequently after the pandemic gets over. But, there are lots of challenges before the business starts in a normal manner. Throughout the world, new protocols are announced for reopening of the spa as they are going to experience vast change which would recommend making online consultation before the visit, and wearing the protective face mask for both therapists and clients will be the most essential thing to overcome the drawbacks of this pandemic.

Best Face Mask Fabric for the Therapist:

Due to the unavailability of PPE kit and medical face mask, Rosestspa has made a tremendous effort in researching the best quality face mask that is highly suitable for the spa experience. The face mask developed comprises three main layers of fabric that should be 100% cotton or Organic CPF (cotton performance fabric). The fabric should be as comfortable and should match the modern spa uniform that keeps the therapist cool even in a hard and warm spa working shift. The fabric should have a cooling effect and helpful in keeping oneself fresh even in a hot environment of the spa.

The middle layer acts as non-woven interlining layer used for filtration along with the soft lining of cotton polyester fabric that provides soft experience on the face. A lightweight metal wire ensures better fitting all around the nose. These masks need to be well tested in terms of durability that guarantees approximately 20 washes or even longer. There are 2 major style of face mask produced for the spa experience. Howsoever, the blue face mask is in demand nowadays as it is the ideal choice in terms of colour for therapist and spa clients.

Qualities of Best Face Masks:

The foremost thing that one needs to find out is that whether the face masks used in combination with suitable modern spa uniforms need to have a good balance in terms of breathability and penetration of air so that the mask proves to be comfortable as well as protective in nature. Several protocols are established emphasizing how to wear a face mask which will surely provide positive and not-at-all foreboding experience. Highly competitive cost price is another added benefit in comparison to the disposable mask as the sustainability cannot be forgotten with the time. Wash bags are commonly referred to nowadays before being washed. Blue face masks are even available with an aromatherapy filter option and additionally the interesting colour scheme and print provide uniqueness to the mask. The attractive modern spa uniforms should be even composed of viral protection.

Howsoever, the process of testing the fabric is considered to be a complicated one as the fabric mill and specialized labs have been closed for a long time during the period of lockdown. The purchase of more than 100 face mask is highly entertained, online, and offline.