Dress to Impress with the Latest Arrival of Asymmetrical Tunic with Stretch Collection

Posted by Abhey Mehta on 30th Dec 2020

Dress to Impress with the Latest Arrival of Asymmetrical Tunic with Stretch Collection

Most of the beauty industry builds up the reputation with the support and concern of the customers. After listening to the entire major concern of Rosestspa designers has concluded that every business owner demands great fashionable appearance at work. Now no more the days persist when the employees used to feel embarrassed and old-fashioned in their professional uniform. In beauty spa uniforms in Australia, you are going to find several ranges that can impress you. One of the most desirable and fashion-forward collections is the beauty uniform, asymmetrical tunic with stretch.

Color that everyone would like to wear:

The asymmetrical tunic stretch is the answer to the people who considers that work uniform can never appear trendy and sophisticated. Rosestspa designers have made a tremendous effort to combine fashion with practicality. They have featured the zipped pocket at the front and back of the asymmetrical tunic stretch that appears attractive in any color but encourages confidence in oneself with the uniform in black or moss green color. Both of the colors appear amazing so that the maximum number of positive feedback is rendered with the twist that is sure to attract everyone passing by. The customers welcomed in this ideal chic urban day spa or salon is sure to get impressed with this elegant attire.

Why you must have anasymmetrical tunic stretch as a must to have the item in the wardrobe?

This is not only a fashion statement for the workplace but is even benefited with the number of wardrobe pieces:

  • This is the uniform that can be drabbed throughout the year irrespective of the climatic condition
  • Make one away from all of the worries that are caused in searching for matching top and bottom. This is because it can be easily fixed with any top or shirt to provide a deadly combination.
  • It is flattering for any body shape and size
  • The single block color is sure to appear elongated for shorter sized employees.

Rosestspa designed asymmetrical tunic with stretch is considered as the perfect beauty spa uniforms in Australia that can be used for the front of house staff, make-up artist, and nail technician. This uniform provides the correct vibes to the clientele.

What accessories match the asymmetrical tunic stretch as working wear?

The asymmetrical tunic with stretch is the ideal choice for a hectic daytime so it is needed to be worn with flats and glam can be combined with heels to enjoy an event such as the launch of any products in the spa or salon. The latest arrival is composed of luxury French performance fabric that is called Natura. The therapist of the salon or spa who opts or anasymmetrical tunic with stretch as their beauty therapist uniforms in Australia is not going to sacrifice the comfort level and provide good look in no time. The polyester filament has been modified to provide the wearer with the ultimate performance that is going to last long. The uniform manufactured by this brand has the color retention ability that allows it to appear new every day. The asymmetrical tunic with stretch can fit any size and the shape is quite stable.

For further inquiries of the latest arrival of Rosestspa, you can browse the website to want to purchase the order in bulk. Rosestspa is even acknowledged as the best supplier of navy blue face masks in Australia.